Happy December!

We welcomed City of Lakes Waldorf School, Susan Lindgren Elementary, Transition Program, and Thomas Lake Elementary.

The 6th graders of City of Lakes Waldorf School arrived on Monday and stayed until Wednesday. While at Eagle Bluff, they experienced Trees & Keys, Beginning Orienteering, Animal Signs, and South Treetops.

Susan Lindgren Elementary also arrived on Monday with their 5th graders for a visit until Wednesday. While they were here, they were able to experience Ridge Oneota, Winter Survival, Big Freeze, and East Treetops.

Transition Program brought a group of young women for the first time for a three-day stay, from Wednesday until Friday. The ladies enjoyed Group Challenges, Karst Geology, Ridge Oneota, and a Root River Hike before leaving. We hope to see more of you here next year!


Enjoying a game and the nice weather during Karst Geology Class!


Thomas Lake Elementary arrived Friday afternoon. The 4th graders were able to take Pioneer Life, Big Freeze, West Treetops, Rock Climbing, Ridge Oneota, Trees & Keys, Birds, and Animal Signs before leaving on Sunday. It was reported that many didn’t want to leave, but hopefully they can make it back for one of our family events!

Coming up this week: We have Open Rock Climbing on Saturday, December 8th! Swing on over between 10am to 12pm or 2pm to 4pm! We would love to see you! It’s $10 per person, and no sign up is required.



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