Week of June 25th – July 1st

We welcomed Firearms Safety Class, Gander Mountain  Archery University, New Dominion, and Camp Moon Hwa.


Eagle Bluff held a Firearms Safety Class for about 24 people to learn how to safely handle firearms and hunt and everyone passed the test!

Gander Mountain brought their employees from all over to their Gander Mountain Archery University for the week. While they were here, they learned about different equipment they sell in their stores.

The 6th – 8th graders of New Dominion arrived on Tuesday for a morning of Canoeing.

Camp Moon Hwa brought their 6th – 9th graders on Tuesday and Wednesday for Rock Climbing and South Treetops.



  • Eastern Phoebechicks are getting ready to fledge the nest.

    Eastern Phoebe by Jim Williams

  • A White-tailed Deer was seen with two fawns.



Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
House Wrens will often add spider egg sacs to their nest to combat the mites. Once the spiders hatch, they eat the mites.

This Week’s Question:
How old was the oldest known Eastern Phoebe?


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