Week of June 18th – 24th

We welcomed Stringwood, Metsker Reunion, Postville Schools Project Venture, Eaton Hydraulics, ERC Board Meeting, and T.U.N.E. Camp.

Stringwood is a stringed instrument camp that spent two weeks at Eagle Bluff practicing in quartets and performing in the area. They were here for two weeks and when they weren’t rehearsing or performing, they were taking classes like Group Challenges, East Treetops, GPS Pathfinders, and Canoeing.

The Metsker Reunion was held at Eagle Bluff over the Weekend and they left on Monday.

Postville Schools Project Venture arrived on Tuesday with their 7th through 9th graders for a visit until Thursday. While they were here, they were able to experience Archery, Canoeing, Pond Life, and East Treetops.

Employees of Eaton Hydraulics arrived on Wednesday afternoon and evening for some Canoeing and East Treetops.

The ERC Board Meeting was held at Eagle Bluff on Thursday evening.

T.U.N.E. Camp, run by Pheasants Forever, arrived on Friday for the weekend. While they were here, the 6th – 12th graders were able to participate in Canoeing and East Treetops as well as lots of activities of their own!



  • The Eastern Bluebirdsare laying their second clutches of eggs.

    House Wren by Jim Williams

  • House Wrens are also laying their second clutches of eggs.
  • Turk’s Cap Lily is blooming.
  • Compass Plant is blooming.
  • A Fawn was seen frolicking in a field.


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
The fruits of staghorn sumacs can be collected, soaked and washed in cold water, strained, sweetened and made into pink lemonade. Do NOT do this with the fruits of poison sumac!

This Week’s Question:
What do House Wren place in their nest cavities to help fight mites from affecting the health of their offspring?


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