Week of April 23rd – 29th

We welcomed St. Casimir’s School, Creative Arts High School, Tomah Middle School, Chatfield Schools, Eagle Bluff Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, Northern Lights Staff, Lanesboro Awards Dinner, held Dinner on the Bluff, and put on an Earth Day Celebration in Sylvan Park in Lanesboro.


The 8th graders of St. Casimir’s School arrived on Monday for a visit until Wednesday. While they were here, they were able to take Group Challenges, Canoeing, South Treetops, and Competitive Orienteering.

Creative Arts High School also arrived for a Monday through Wednesday visit. While they were here, the 9th through 12 graders experienced Archery, Canoeing, East Treetops, and Group Challenges.

The 6th graders of Tomah Middle School also arrived on Monday. They were able to participate in Pioneer Life, Earth Exploration, Wildlife Ecology, GPS Pathfinders, Treetops, and Pond Life before leaving on Wednesday.

Chatfield Elementary brought their 5th graders for a Wednesday through Friday visit. While they were here, they took Pioneer Life, GPS Pathfinders, Pond Life, and West Treetops.

Eagle Bluff Elementary also came for a Wednesday through Friday visit. While they were here, the 5th graders were able  to experience Archery, Oneota, Amphibians, and East Treetops.

The 6th graders of Lincoln Middle School arrived on Friday for a day of Group Challenges and South Treetops.

The Northern Lights Staff arrived on Saturday for a meeting.

The Lanesboro Awards Dinner was on Sunday night for the High School.

On Saturday, the April Dinner on the Bluff was held. Dr. Bruno Borsari of Winona State University spoke about the roles that prairies play. The menu for the night was Boysenberry sage braised, glazed and blazed Bison short ribs; sautéed wild mushrooms and rice; buttermilk biscuits with dried applesauce compound butter; watercress salad with pan seared ramps; spring heirloom radishes and a lemon olive oil dressing; stuffed zucchini; green tomato pickles; warm cornmeal pudding; with molasses and homemade vanilla ice cream.

Eagle Bluff put on the Root River Earth Day Celebration at Sylvan Park in Lanesboro, MN on Saturday. Lots of people participated and had a lot of fun doing lots of activities!



  • Female Red-winged Blackbirdshave returned to the area.

    Female Red-winged Blackbird by Jim Williams

  • Pine Siskins were seen and heard up near Cloquet, MN.
  • Pine Warblers were also heard up north.
  • Myrtle Warblers have made their way to Northern Minnesota and are singing.
  • A Sandhill Crane was seen flying over.
  • A Baby Painted Turtle was found our large pond.
  • There are A LOT of large Tadpoles in the large pond.
  • Wild Columbine is blooming.
  • Eastern Shooting Star is beginning to bloom.
  • Nodding Trillium is also in bloom.
  • Wild Geranium is in bloom.
  • Morel Mushrooms are still being found.


Thought for the Week

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”
William Wordsworth


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
The three species of Morel found in North America are the Black, Yellow, and Half-free. They generally tend to grow near old or dying trees – especially deciduous trees.

This Week’s Question:
The Pine Warbler is the only warbler to do what?


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