Week of April 16th – 22nd

We welcomed Stewartville High School, MN Waldorf School, Journey Montessori Academy, Tomah Middle School, Oneota Valley Family Eye Care, DeSales School, St. Joseph School, St. Jerome School, Northern Hills Elementary, Edward Jones Staff, Cotter Residence, and Lanesboro Local.


Stewartville High School arrived on Monday for a day of Group Challenges and East Treetops.

They 6th graders of MN Waldorf School arrived on Monday for a visit until Wednesday. While they were here, they experienced Earth Exploration, East Treetops, Beginning Orienteering, and Karst Geology.

Journey Montessori Academy brought their 2nd though 6th graders for a Monday through Wednesday trip. While they were here, they participated in Birds, Oneota, Pond Life, and Rock Climbing.

Tomah Middle School also arrived on Monday. The 6th graders were able to take Archery, Oneota, Root River Hike, GPS Pathfinders, Pond Life, Pioneer Life, and Treetops before leaving on Wednesday.

Oneota Valley Family Eye Care arrived on Wednesday for a day of Group Challenges and meeting.

Arriving for a Wednesday through Friday trip was DeSales School. While they were here, the 8th graders were able to participate in Group Challenges, Forest Ecology, South Treetops, and Stream Lab.

The 5th graders of St. Joseph School also arrived on Wednesday. They were able to take Animal Signs, East Treetop, Beginning Orienteering, and Trees & Keys before leaving on Friday.

St. Jerome School also brought their 6th – 8th graders for a Wednesday through Friday visit. While they were here, they experienced Canoeing, Beginning Orienteering, Oneota, GPS Pathfinders,Treetops, Archery, Animal Signs, Amphibians, Fungus Among Us, and Rock Climbing.

Northern Hills Elementary brought their 5th graders on Wednesday. They were able to take Oneota, Group Challenges, Pond Life, and West Treetops before leaving on Friday.

Edward Jones Staff arrived on Friday for an afternoon of East Treetops.

Cotter Residence came on Saturday with their High Schoolers for a day of Group Challenges and West Treetops.

Lanesboro Local held their fundraising banquet at Eagle Bluff on Saturday night.



  • Black-capped Chickadeeshave begun to lay eggs.

    Morel Mushrooms

  • An Eastern Bluebird Egg was seen in one of our nest boxes.
  • American Robins are busy incubating their eggs.
  • Barn Swallows are returning.
  • Goslings were seen on the Root River,
  • White-throated Sparrows have been seen and heard.
  • A Dark-eyed Junco was seen still in the area.
  • A Wild Turkey nest was seen with 12 eggs in it.
  • Gray Treefrogs have been heard.
  • A Northern Leopard Frog was seen swimming across a pond.
  • Baby Painted Turtles have been found in our large pond.
  • Full-sized Morel Mushrooms have been seen (yum!).



Thought for the Week

“Earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
Thanks to Cherith Cutestory for answering the question correctly! The Wood Thrush will sing a duet with itself. The Wood Thrush has a Y-shaped syrinx (voice box) and will sing a note from each branch simultaneously during the last of its 3 part song.

This Week’s Question:
How many Morel species can be found in North America?


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