Week of March 19th – 25th

We welcomed Saxentorp Tours, Schaeffer Academy, and Pinewood Community Schools.

Swedish farmers came to Eagle Bluff on Monday to go up on East Treetops as a part of Saxentorp Tours that also takes them on a tour of the surrounding farms in this area.

Schaeffer Academy brought their 6th graders on Tuesday for an overnight visit. While they were here, they were able to participate in Oneota, Archery, and South Treetops.

The 5th graders of Pinewood Community Schools arrived on Wednesday for a visit until Friday. While they were here, they were able to experience Archery, Birds, Wildlife Ecology, Trees & Keys, Stream Lab, Pioneer Life, and Treetops.



  • Eastern Pheobescan be heard singing.

    Bloodroot by Valerie Slocum

  • Sandhill Cranes were heard flying over Eagle Bluff.
  • Wild Turkeys are displaying.
  • Dark-eyed Juncos are still around.
  • American Goldfinches are getting their brighter feathers.
  • American Toads were heard calling.
  • A Gray Treefrog was heard calling.
  • Dandelions are blooming.
  • Bloodroot is blooming.
  • Dutchman’s Breeches are blooming.
  • Virginia Bluebells were seen in bloom.


Thought for the Week

“Earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
Alaska is the only state that does not have Wild Turkeys.

This Week’s Question:
What creature helps spread the seeds of Dutchman’s Breeches?


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