…the Northern Saw-whet Owl! The newest addition to Eagle Bluff ELC’s raptor program arrived yesterday January 25th. This little owl was found by the side of the road last October and presumed to have been hit by a car. The Owl was in the care of veterinarian/wildlife rehabilitator since then. When it was determined that the Northern Saw-whet Owl (let’s refer to the owl from now on as NSWO, the four letter alpha code) was non-releasable due to a broken wing that didn’t heal properly, we began the process of building an enclosure for the NSWO obtaining permits to use it(we’re not sure of the sex yet) in educational programs. As you can see in the following pictures, these owls are small – they’re actually the smallest owl in the eastern part of North America!

We’re very excited to have the NSWO here and begin training so it can be used in programs.

First thing was to put equipment on the NSWO. Such small feet!

Raptor Handler and Naturalist Jenna Moon is excited about the owl too!

Making sure the equipment is fitting properly.

The NSWO is getting used to being handled.

Weighing in at 97.8g. On average NSWO's usually weigh around 80g.

We hope that you enjoyed the first photos of the Northern Saw-whet Owl. Look for it to be in upcoming programs!


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