Week of August 22nd – 28th

We welcomed Viterbo Residence Life, Planned Parenthood Teen Council, Luther College SAC, and Luther College Box Office.

On Monday, Viterbo Residence Life arrived for East Treetops in the morning.

Planned Parenthood Teen Council arrived on Wednesday for an overnight visit. While they were here, they had Group Challenges and East Treetops.

The Luther College SAC came on Friday for a day of Group Challenges and East Treetops.

On Sunday, the Luther College Box Office came to do Group Challenges and East Treetops.



  • A Juvenile American Goldfinchwas seen begging for food.

    Barn Swallow by Jim Williams

  • Canada Geese are beginning to flock.
  • Turkey Vultures are still in the area.
  • Swallows have congregated together and are beginning their migration south.
  • Virginia Creeper is turning red.
  • More Monarch Butterflies can be seen.


Thought for the Week

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
Roger Miller


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
The Salamanders of Minnesota are: Blue-spotted Salamander, Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Four-toed Salamander, Spotted Salamander, Tiger Salamander, Mudpuppy, and the Eastern Newt.

This Week’s Question:
How many subspecies of Canada Goose are there?


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