Week of July 18th – 24th

We welcomed Forkhorn Camp, ELL Science Adventures, UW Stout Upward Bound, Mississippi River Adventure Camp, Eastview Cross Country, and Pheasants Forever Train the Trainer.


We held Forkhorn Camp here where campers came to learn and gain more experience about hunting. During camp, the campers were able to participate in lots of activities including Archery, Canoeing, Orienteering, Rock Climbing, Shooting Shotguns, Shooting .22 Rifles, learned about Survival, Frontier Olympics, and Treetops.

The 7th graders of ELL Science Adventures arrived on Monday and stayed until Friday. While they were here, they were able to experience Trees & Keys, Pioneer Life, Amphibians, Canoeing, West Treetops, Pond Life, Wildlife Ecology, and Rock Climbing.

UW Stout Upward Bound brought a group of high schoolers to Eagle Bluff on Monday. They were able to participate in Competitive Orienteering, Fungus Among Us, Wildlife Ecology, Karst Geology, Canoeing, GPS Pathfinders, Pioneer Life, and East Treetops before leaving on Friday.

Mississippi River Adventure Camp brought their 6th – 9th graders on Thursday for a day of Treetops and Group Challenges.

Eastview Cross Country arrived on Wednesday for an overnight trip. While they were here, they ran and did Group Challenges and East Treetops with the high schoolers.

Volunteers for Pheasants Forever Train the Trainer came for the weekend to attend meetings and trainings.



  • Cup Flowersare beginning to flower.

    American Robin by Jim Williams

  • American Robins are on their 3rd clutch of eggs.
  • We had a Heat Wave this week.


Thought for the Week

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!”
John Muir


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
Black Elderberries have 5 times the natural antioxidants as blueberries and twice as many as cranberries. The Elderberry has other benefits as well, such as; the extract has been found to be effective against the H5N1 strain of Avian flu, the extract has the ability to ward off flu infections quickly, and they have a more potent antiviral effect than Echinacea.

This Week’s Question:
At what time of day do American Robins tend to eat more earthworms?


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