Week of May 30th – June 5th

Eastern Bluebird chicks by Jim Williams

We welcomed Twin Bluff Middle School, Tomah Middle School, Kaposia Education Center, Bluffview Montessori, BET Shalom Family Retreat, Lewiston Girl Scouts, and held a Discover Canoeing Seminar.

Twin Bluff Middle Schools brought their 5th graders on Tuesday for an overnight visit. While they were here, they were able to experience Pioneer Life, Stream Lab, Wildlife Ecology, Amphibians, Animal Signs, Beginning Orienteering, Pond Life, Treetops and Rock Climbing.

Tomah Middle School came to Eagle Bluff for a Wednesday through Friday visit. While they were here, the 6th graders were able to experience Oneota, Pioneer Life, Canoeing, Fungus Among Us Pond Life, and Treetops.

The 6th graders of Kaposia Education Center also arrived on Wednesday. They were able to take Archery, Birds, Karst Geology, Group Challenges, Treetops, and Rock Climbing before leaving on Friday.

Bluffview Montessori brought their 7th and 8th graders on Friday afternoon to go up on Treetops.

The BET Shalom Family Retreat spent the weekend at Eagle Bluff taking Air Rifle, and Rock Climbing and also doing some of their own activities.

The Lewiston Girl Scouts came on Sunday for a day of Canoeing and Backcountry Camping.

Eagle Bluff held a Discover Canoeing seminar for about 20 people.



  • Eastern Kingbirdshave been spotted around Eagle Bluff.

    Eastern Kingbird by Jim Williams

  • There are 9 Eastern Bluebird Babies in our Bluebird boxes (4 will probably fledge this week).
  • There are 19 House Wren eggs in different bird boxes around Eagle Bluff.
  • There are 5 Tree Swallow eggs in one of our bird boxes.
  • Scarlet Tanagers continue to be seen.
  • Eastern Phoebes are still singing.
  • A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was seen feeding on Wild Columbine.
  • Green Frogs and Northern Leopard Frogs can be found in our large pond.
  • Baby Painted Turtles are swimming around our large pond.
  • Soft Shell Turtles can be found in the Root River.
  • A Luna Moth was seen.
  • Tiger Swallowtails are flying around.
  • Monarch Butterflies can be seen here.
  • Bush Clover is blooming.
  • Purple Vetch is blooming.
  • Wild Parsnip continues to get taller.
  • Cow Parsnip is beginning to bloom.


Thought for the Week

“The most important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
Both the Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoos were given the nickname “Rain Crow” because of their apparent tendency to call more frequently before rain.

This Week’s Question:
How long does a Luna Moth live?


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