Week of May 23rd – 29th

Common Grackle by Jim Williams

We welcomed Riverway Learning Community, St. Mary’s School, Fowell Elementary, St. Benedict’s School, Cyber Village Academy, Horace Mann Elementary, and Kenyon-Wanamingo.

The kindergarten through 3rd graders of Riverway Learning Community arrived on Monday for a day of Oneota and Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders.

St. Mary’s School also brought their 7th graders for a day visit for East Treetops and Group Challenges.

The 5th graders of Fowell Elementary arrived on Monday for an overnight visit. While they were here, they were able to experience Stream Lab and West Treetops.

St. Benedict’s School also arrived on Monday. The 8th graders were able to participate in Canoeing, Archery, Group Challenges, and South Treetops before leaving on Wednesday.

Cyber Village Academy also brought their 8th graders for a Monday through Wednesday trip. While they were here, they were able to take Group Challenges, Root River Hike, South Treetops, and Competitive Orienteering.

The 6th graders of Horace Mann arrived on Monday. They were able to participate in Oneota, GPS Pathfinders, East Treetops, Canoeing, Archery, Karst Geology, Pond Life, and Rock Climbing before leaving on Friday.

On Tuesday, Kenyon-Wanamingo arrived with their 6th graders and stayed until Friday. While they were here, they were able to experience Onetoa, Group Challenges, Pond Life, Rock Climbing, Root River Hike, East Treetops, Canoeing, GPS Pathfinders, Archery, Pioneer Life, and Insects.



  • A Black-billed Cuckoowas seen.

    Black-billed Cuckoo by Wolfgang Wander

  • A Common Nighthawk was spotted flying over the Discovery Center.
  • Eastern Wood-Pewees can be heard singing.
  • Common Grackles were seen removing the fecal sacs from their nest.
  • Tree Swallows were seen mating.
  • The First clutch of American Robins have fledged the nest.
  • A Raccoon was seen carrying its baby across a road.
  • Junebugs are active at night.
  • Spittle Bug froth can be seen.
  • Lightning bugs were spotted.
  • Garlic Mustard seed pods are coming out.
  • Farmers have cut the first batch of Hay.



Thought for the Week

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
The following turtle species are native to Minnesota: Smooth Softshell Turtle, Spiny Softshell Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Painted Turtle, Western Painted Turtle, Wood Turtle, Blanding’s Turtle, Common Map Turtle, Ouachita Map Turtle, and the False Map Turtle.

This Week’s Question:
Why were Black-billed Cuckoos given the nickname “Rain Crows”?


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