Week of April 25th – May 1st

White-crowned Sparrow by Jim Williams

We welcomed Journey Montessori, Irving Pertzsch Elementary, Schaeffer Academy, Eagle Bluff Elementary, Chatfield Schools, Northern Lights, Master Naturalists, Lanesboro Awards Dinner, and we hosted the Root River Valley Earth Day in Lanesboro and held Earth Day Dinner on the Bluff.

Journey Montessori arrived on Monday with their 3rd through 6th graders for a visit until Wednesday. While they were here, they were able to experience Amphibians, Pond Life, West Treetops, and Pioneer Life.

Irving Pertzsch Elementary also came to Eagle Bluff for a Monday through Wednesday trip. While they were here, the 5th graders participated in Oneota, Animal Signs, Group Challenges, and East Treetops.

Schaeffer Academy brought their 6th graders for a Tuesday through Wednesday trip. While they were here, they were able to take Oneota, Archery, and South Treetops.

The 5th graders of Eagle Bluff Elementary arrived on Wednesday. They were able to experience Archery, Oneota, Amphibians, and East Treetops before leaving on Friday.

Chatfield Schools brought their 5th graders for a Wednesday through Friday visit. While they were here, they were able to participate in Pioneer Life, GPS Pathfinders, Pond Life, and West Treetops.

Northern Lights Staff came to Eagle Bluff on Saturday to plan their upcoming camp this summer.

Master Naturalists also arrived to Eagle Bluff on Saturday for a tour of the facilities as apart of their class.

The Root River Valley Earth Day Celebration was a big success – thanks everyone for coming down to visit on Saturday!

On Saturday, Eagle Bluff held the last Dinner on the Bluff for the year (don’t worry – they come back in January!). Mike Link and Kate Crowley spoke about their 5 month expedition of walking around Lake Superior. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a meal of rhubarb lentil soup, spring greens with green tea vinaigrette, almond crusted cod with blueberry lime butter, wild rice dressing, shiitake and sundried tomato focaccia bread, whoopie pies with mint filling and chocolate ganache.


  • Baltimore Orioleshave returned – look for the black and bright orange birds.

    Baltimore Oriole by Jim Williams

  • Rose-breasted Grosbeaks have also returned in full force.
  • White-throated Sparrows can be seen around.
  • White-crowned Sparrows are passing through on their way back up to Canada.
  • Chimney Swifts are also back – watch out for birds that look like flying cigars.
  • A Scarlet Tanager was seen.
  • Two pairs of Broad-winged Hawks were seen in different areas of Eagle Bluff.
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are returning.
  • An Indigo Bunting was seen.
  • Gray Catbirds have begun to return.
  • Eastern Towhees are still singing.
  • A House Wren was seen.
  • A Golden Eagle was spotted at Eagle Bluff.
  • Spring Peepers, Western Chorus Frogs, and Northern Leopard Frogs were all heard calling during the first Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey of the year.
  • Trout Lilies are blooming.

Thought for the Week

“And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.”
William Shakespeare

Nature Trivia Question

Answer to Last Week’s Question:
The Mink Pine Marten, Short-tailed Weasel, Long-tailed Weasel, River Otter, Fisher, Least Weasel, and the Badger are all native members of the weasel family in Minnesota.

This Week’s Question:
What makes up the main prey of the Golden Eagle?


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